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  • Andrew Ni

Episode 1: The Cliché of Minimalism in Branding

Video Starring: Andrew Ni

Featuring: Prof. Sunder Narayanan; NYU Stern, Marketing Professor & MktSoc Faculty Advisor

In our first-ever Video Perspectives episode, Marketing Society's very own Branding Director, Andrew Ni, argues that "Minimalist branding must be highly purposeful, not only the result of competitive peer pressure." He uses fun graphics and video clips while sharing his hot takes on the branding initiatives of several popular brands (such as Taco Bell and Smuckers). Andrew's story is an immersive and interactive look into the world of branding.

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Andrew Ni is Marketing Society's 2019 - 2021 Branding Director. He is a sophomore at NYU Stern majoring in Finance.

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