We are a student-run club hosted inside New York University and centered around the Leonard N. Stern School of Business. While we meet regularly inside the Stern building, ALL NYU students are welcomed through our doors.


Our goal as a club is to promote student awareness of the current strategies/techniques in the marketing field and expose them to various career opportunities through an assortment of professional and discussion-based events.


Tuesdays & Thursdays

12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Tisch Hall UC-04


Tuesday meetings, aka ADversaries, are the more social events. Every week, we present multiple company campaigns in themed discussions and discuss who was successful, who was not, and more importantly, why. Students are then divided into teams to assess a company’s campaign and present their own solution in the form of a mock pitch. By doing so, students are given the opportunity to experience the creative side of the business industry and stick their toes into advertising, PR, and branding. The goal is to gain knowledge on what really goes into creating a successful marketing campaign strategy.


Thursdays can be considered the more professional events. We grab different individuals every week from small agencies and large corporations alike and let them share their stories and perspectives. Previous notable speakers include industry professionals from the likes of Google, BounceX, Nielsen, Disney, P&G, RGA, and Sony Music Entertainment.



Although these are “professional”, we still like to keep it pretty casual and fun: don’t worry about the dress code, lunch is always provided and questions are always welcome. ​




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