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General Meetings

Tuesdays & Thursdays

12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

KMEC 3-110

See the MktSoc newsletter or Inter-Club-Council newsletter for a full list of upcoming events. You can register for our newsletter here.

General Meetings are open to all NYU community members.



Tuesday meetings entail laid-back workshops and our signature "ADversary" events. Workshops cover marketing fundamentals, job-searching skills, industry overviews, and more. In ADversary events, we present multiple company campaigns in themed discussions and discuss who was successful, who was not, and more importantly, why. Students are then divided into teams to assess a company’s campaign and present their own solution in the form of a mock pitch. By doing so, students are given the opportunity to experience the creative side of the business industry and stick their toes into advertising, PR, and branding.



Thursday meetings are more professional. We invite different individuals every week from large corporations and small agencies alike; we let them share perspectives and internship opportunities. Previous notable speakers include industry professionals from the likes of Ogilvy, Google, Mastercard, Nielsen, Disney, P&G, RGA, and Sony Music Entertainment.

In the spirit of our organization, we do not require a dress code in our professional events.

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