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  • Rachel Liu

Guide to the Stern Marketing Concentration

May 7th, 2021

By: Rachel Liu

Hey guys! WOW the registration period is late this year. It doesn’t even start until finals are already over. But once you’re ready to start planning out your calendars for the next couple semesters, I’m here to demystify the Stern Marketing concentration, which covers a vast, vast array of classes spanning so much more than just graphics and advertisements.


So! An overview of the Stern Marketing concentration: students in Stern who pursue a Bachelors of Science (that’s all of you who aren’t pursuing a BPE or BTE degree) will need to choose at least one concentration and an option of up to two. The marketing concentration is a total of 16 credits. 10 of those credits are composed of 3 required courses: Introduction to Marketing (4 Credits), Consumer Behavior (3 credits), and Research for Consumer Insights (3 credits). The other 6 are composed of courses from the “Advanced Marketing Courses,” a list of 31 courses that are 2-3 credits each. Note that you can go over the 16 credit limit if you want. This is meant to be a guide, not a comprehensive summary of each course -- if any of these courses pique your interest, just copy the course code (MKTG-UB ##) into google with “Stern” added along the back and you’ll find some sample syllabi. Also, a disclaimer: not all classes are offered at all times, check out Albert and your advisor to see which ones will be available in the upcoming year.

Guide to the Guide

Here's how to use this guide. The whole page is split into 4 sections: First, Required Courses, then 2-unit Advanced Marketing Courses, 3-unit Advanced Marketing Courses and finally the Variable Unit Course. Here is the layout in each section:

Name of the Course (Course Code)

Course Requirements

Course description with as helpful a description as I can while keeping things light and talking about the contents of the course in plain English language.


Required Courses

Introduction to Marketing (MKTG-UB 1) -- 4 units

Sophomore Standing

This is a broad overview and exploratory course, briefly touching on all aspects of marketing and generally trying to broaden your view on what constitutes marketing. This isn’t a super quantitative course, focusing more on concepts and general case studies. This course counts towards the functional business core.

Consumer Behavior (MKTG-UB 2) -- 3 Credits

Sophomore Standing, MKTG-UB 1

This course gives a basic overview of consumers -- their rational and irrational choices, how they receive, notice, and consume information, and how the company should respond based on that information

Research for Customer Insights (MKT-UB 9) -- 3 Credits

Sophomore Standing, MKTG-UB 1, and STAT-UB 1 OR STAT-UB 103

This course is more quantitative, and teaches how to design a marketing experiment -- what questions to ask, different methods and tools to use, different kinds of research and their use, and how to identify bias and inaccuracy.


2-Credit Advanced Marketing Courses

Managing Creative Content Development (MKTG-UB 4)

Sophomore Standing

This class discusses the role of business and management in media/entertainment industries, such as movies, film, and books. It also dives in to discuss the system that managers, producers, and executives work in and with an overview of each role’s responsibilities

The Business of Publishing (MKTG-UB 19)

Sophomore Standing

Bookworms and beyond, take this class to examine all things books, magazines, newspapers, and more. It discusses different forms of written media, legal rights and finances, and how technology and web culture is changing the publishing industry

The Business of Film (MKTG-UB 20)

Sophomore Standing

This class provides a wide overview of the modern film industry and how businessmen and women fit into the system. It gives insight into production, marketing, and distribution from both the established hollywood system as well as Indie films. The class ends with a fun group project where you have to make a film production of your own!

Movie Marketing (MKTG-UB 22)

Sophomore Standing

From Hollywood Blockbusters to indie films, this course covers every aspect of a movie’s marketing campaign, including positioning, release dates/patterns, press strategy, and the current big industry players.

The Impact of Technology on Entertainment and Media (MKTG-UB 23)

Sophomore Standing

This year more than any other has emphasized the importance of technology in the changing landscape of media. This course covers the history of technology in media, from newspapers to video games, and features guest speakers who will talk about the future of the industry.

Arts Marketing (MKTG-UB 24)

Sophomore Standing

From theater to opera, galleries to movies, the arts are central to our living experience. But marketing for the arts brings up a series of questions -- how to protect your artists while making a profit? Is it ethical to compete aggressively against competitors? Find out more in this practical course.

Business of Broadway (MKTG-UB 24)

Sophomore Standing

With the famous Broadway theaters a mere bus ride away, students are bound to be curious about the ins and outs of Broadway. This class goes over the industry dynamics of the NYC theatre hotspot and examines the steps it takes to bring a performance from conception to that big stage.

Entertainment and Media Industries (MKTG-UB 40)

Sophomore Standing

Entertainment is one of the biggest and broadest industries out there. This class goes over the overview and strategies of all the major entertainment industries - movies, television, music, sports, etc.

Deal Making in the Entertainment Industry (MKTG-UB 43)

Sophomore Standing

Who doesn’t know the stereotype of the caffeine-laden, smooth-talking agent negotiating deal after deal on their phone for their high-flying clients? Ok, it’s not always like that. But this class at least gives you the basis of negotiation and common issues in the field.

Television Management (MKTG-UB 44)

Sophomore Standing

Television has changed wildly within the past few decades, and so has this class. Learn about the evolution and current state of the television industry as it reels from COVID’s disruption.

Social Media Strategy (MKTG-UB 45)

Sophomore Standing

We’ve all heard of influencer marketing by now but there’s so much more to a company’s social media. From their own sites to partnerships and full blown social media campaigns, experience for yourself how social media can be used in the corporate world.

Globalization of the Entertainment Industry (MKTG-UB 46)

Sophomore Standing

From Europe to China and India, stars of the entertainment industries are emerging all around the world. Study the strategies of major multinational companies and the growing US leisure/entertainment industries.

Sports Marketing (MKTG-UB 47)

Sophomore Standing

Inspired, of course, by our illustrious NYU sports department, this course dives into the massive business that is sports and entertainment. In this course, learn how to juggle sponsorships, sports media, public relations and more.

The Business of Producing (MKTG-UB 49)

Sophomore Standing

Producing is one of those mysterious, all-encompassing words that somehow seems to cover the entire process of making a film or show. This course de-mystifies that process, going through the strategies and procedures of each step.

Digital Business Strategy (MKTG-UB 56)

Sophomore Standing

More and more companies now are fully online, with little more than a Slack page serving as their base of operations. This course gives an overview of this unique and growing industry and how companies survive and thrive inside.

Leisure Marketing (MKTG-UB 80)

Sophomore Standing

Let us bring to others what we wish for ourselves! Jokes aside, this course breaks down the leisure industry into a comprehensive list of segments (casinos, cruises, etc) and teaches you how marketing morphs in industries like these.

Retail Management & Merchandising (MKTG-UB 89)

Sophomore Standing, MKTG-UB 1

This is a course meant for students who wish to pursue a career in retail, whether that be traditional brick-and-mortar stores or “e-tail.” This course will cover the practical skills and knowledge necessary for success in the retail industry.


3-Credit Advanced Marketing Courses

Advertising (MKTG-UB 3)

Sophomore Standing, MKTG-UB 1

This is the classic first impression of marketing. This class guides you through every step of creating an advertising campaign, as well as tools, initial investment, and analysis. Includes a group project where you develop your own advertising campaign

Pricing (MKTG-UB 53)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB 1

One of the most interesting and frustrating aspects of marketing, this course covers the ins and outs of pricing strategy. Prepare to cover state-of-the-art tools and theories for developing optimal pricing strategy.

Data Driven Decision Making (MKTG-UB 54)

Sophomore standing, STAT-UB 103 OR STAT-UB 1 and STAT-UB 3

Yes, this is a numbers course. But whether you love or hate math, this technical course will be highly useful in any industry. This course trains students to bridge the gap between data analytics and policy-making, interpreting mathematical conclusions and applying them to corporate decision-making.

Brand Strategy and Planning (MKTG-UB 55)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB 1, and Two advanced marketing courses

Ok, I may be biased but I swear brand strategy is a field that commands the whole course of a company. This class goes over an extensive overview of how to decide on a brand identity, craft it, and maintain it over the years.

Digital Marketing (MKTG-UB 57)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB 1

This course teaches and presses you to apply knowledge in digital marketing theory. With the field developing and innovating rapidly, this course gives any marketer good tools to have under their belt.

The Business of Video Games (MKTG-UB 58)

Sophomore Standing

Ok, video games are cool now and you can fight me on that. Anyone who doesn’t want to fight is probably interested in this course. Video games were growing before the pandemic and are even bigger now, transforming into an accessible and booming industry.

Designing and Developing New Products (MKTG-UB 60)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB 1

Believe it or not, product development technically falls under the jurisdiction of marketing. And for how much “innovation” is used as a buzzword these days, few companies actually know how to do it. This class is the class that will teach you how to do it.

Launching and Managing New Products (MKTG-UB 61)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB 1

Ok, now that somehow has actually developed the product comes the challenge of actually bringing it to market. This class is a series of theories and case studies examining new products and their disruption to an industry.

Global Marketing Management (MKTG-UB 64)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB1

We live in a global economy, and it’s really only getting more global. In this course, you’ll go over the issues specific to catering to an international market and strategies to deal with a global economy.

Decision Making Strategy (MKTG-UB 65)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB 1

People are making decisions every second of every day -- this course helps you determine how and why. With its mix of psychology and business theory, it teaches you how to practically use that knowledge to design effective marketing strategies.

Luxury Marketing (MKTG-UB 84)

Sophomore Standing, MKTG-UB 1

This is the class that’ll teach you the sorcery that makes a $695 white sweatshirt with “Balenciaga” printed on the chest a viable product. Seriously, though, there are few industries that can demonstrate the power of marketing more effectively than luxury brands and this class teaches you the substance and style behind luxury brands. This class counts towards the luxury market tract.

Advanced Luxury Marketing (MKTG-UB 86)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB1

Luxury Marketing, but advanced. Go more in depth on branding, design, and analytical theory of luxury companies and products. This class counts towards the luxury market tract.

Retail Strategy (MKTG-UB 88)

Sophomore standing, MKTG-UB1

Retail is the industry that jumps to mind when we first think of buying and selling goods -- the brick-and-mortar, sale-to-consumers store we walk by every day. But in this day and age, even retail is transforming -- come get an overview of the tools and strategies specific to retail.


Variable-Credit Advanced Marketing Courses

Independent Study in Marketing -- 1-3 credits

Sophomore Standing, MKTG-UB 1, MKTG-UB 2, MKTG-UB 9, six additional credits of marketing electives, and permission of the department chair or co-chair

If anybody has got a bit of a free spirit and all the necessary requirements, this is a course dedicated to pursuing your own thing! Work independently with a faculty member to have a personalized course that must 1) be about the same amount of work as a regular course and 2) not overlap with a current course.


Rachel Liu is one of Marketing Society's Spring 2021 Co-Content Directors at NYU Marketing Society. She is a sophomore at NYU Stern concentrating in Marketing and Management. She is running the Humans of Marketing Society column! Check it out here!

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