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A Warm Fall 2021 Welcome From the MktSoc Blog Team!

September 27th, 2021

By: Camille Rochaix

Welcome back! I am very proud to say that the Marketing Society Blog is back for its second year, with a fresh set of eyes and perspectives as we welcome our new Content Directors to the blog and our MktSoc E-Board. Our first year was phenomenal, with our wonderful Video Series, Case Studies, Logo Tutorials, Humans of Marketing Society, and Book Recommendations. This blog has expanded in ways I never imagined it would when I created it last semester, and I can't wait to see it continue to grow in the future.

This year we will also be introducing Priyal Maheshwari's brainchild, MktSoc Blog Writers, which is an opportunity for members to participate in the blog and share articles. We also are welcoming 3 new content directors: Payton-Luv Stine, A.J. Nguyen, and Janny Hong. Priyal Maheshwari, a content director from last semester will also be joining us for this semester.

Introducing the MktSoc Content Team members for Fall 2021!

Payton-Luv Stine

Co-Content Director

Stern 2022

Major: Sustainable Business & Marketing; Minor: Animal Studies

Vertical: IGTV Reels about Marketing & Sustainability

Where she gets her news: I love Pinterest! Some sites I read regularly are fast brands, EHN, GreenBiz, WSJ & NYT (for balance LOL ).

What she has been doing lately: Working with an agency part-time right now lots of RFPS and deck presentations!!

A.J. Nguyen

Co-Content Director

Stern 2024

Major: Marketing; Minor: Studio Art

Vertical: "Discovering Digital Marketing"

Where he gets his news: I get my news from the NYT and WSJ, and especially like to listen to various news podcasts. My most checked platform for information is probably twitter.

Fun Fact: I have been a certified lifeguard for 5 years now, I’m allergic to fruit, and I like photography.

Janny Hong

Co-Content Director

Stern 2023

Major: Operations & Computing & Data Science

Vertical: Interviewing Mktsoc Alumni Series

Fun Facts: I also got licensed as a new jersey realtor this as a back up plan in case I don't get a job. As for extracurriculars, I am part of Reformed University Fellowship and NYU Sports Taekwondo club.

Priyal Maheshwari

Co-Content Director

Stern 2023

Major: Marketing & Computing & Data Science

Vertical: "Products That Saved Companies" Case Study Series

Where she gets her news: I usually read stuff from CNBC, Wall Street Journal (we get the subscription-free! for NY times also!!), and NYtimes, and my fav social media is really Tumblr.

Fun Fact: She has over 100 books!

Camille Rochaix

Co-President and Marketing Society Blog Editor & Founder

Stern 2022

Major: Marketing; Minor: MCC & BEMT

Where she gets her news: NY Times, CNN, Twitter, and Ad Week & Ad Age (for marketing news).

Fun Fact: I swam competitively for 16 years!

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