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Episode 3: How Advertisers Convince You with Music

February 21st, 2021

By: MktSoc Video Team

For marketers, music does more than just paint a pretty picture – in fact, it is a highly strategic choice. Behind every song choice and original composition, advertisers combine music theory and frameworks to make sure their brand sticks in your mind. If they succeed, you may not even notice.

Episode 3 of our MktSoc Video Perspectives series, titled "How Advertisers Convince You with Music," explores marketers' strategies and thought processes when choosing music for their ads. Branding Director Andrew Ni explains the unspoken music theory rules to which marketers generally adhere – except when they strategically don't.

This episode is the first video created by the new MktSoc Video Team, a partnership between the Content team and the Branding team. The video is also the first video on MktSoc's new YouTube channel. If you enjoy such content, please considering subscribing!

Have you noticed any patterns, strategies, or clichés when it comes to music in ads? Comment below!


Andrew Ni Director & Filming

Camille Rochaix Producer

Lilly Du & Grace Zhu Editors

Ruby Qian Graphics

Priyal Maheshwari Storyboarding

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