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Humans of Marketing Society: Andrew Ni

April 14, 2023

By: Jin Wu Nam

Get to know a little more about the humans of Marketing Society... starting off with Marketing Society's Co-President, Andrew!

Everything began in my sophomore year when the Marketing Society blog just started.

Camille, who was a vice president of the Marketing Society then, opened up the blog, and

there was nothing on the blog yet. There were just e-boards writing random articles—no

blog team, no designated writers.

I have a video background and made a lot of films in high school. So, as a surprise for

Camille, as a kind of a treat, I secretly made a video that I thought would be great for the

blog. It was like an op-ed-style video on how minimalism on logos and brand design was

overdone. It took me about 30 hours. I brought out the professional sound equipment,

edited the whole day... and then I presented the video to her, and she said it made her

week (chuckle). And when she said that, it also made my week.

So, what happened after that was Pooja reaching out to me, and saying, “Let’s run for

the vice president election.” And you have to remember—this was during COVID, so Pooja and I haven’t met each other yet at this point. Well, I was taken off-guard. It was a

whole six months before the election... and she is really on top of things!

I actually started working as an e-board before that. I started it in my freshman spring, but as a finance major, I never thought of being the president in a couple of years… I was just making my video. But one thing led to another, and obviously, the people here are amazing, and I feel like… it just happened. Yeah, trying to impress vice president Camille with the video was the start of everything (laugh). Pooja and I have worked here together for 3 whole years now, which of course has been simply amazing.

Parting Words from Andrew:

This is something the previous president always told me, and something I believe it’s true as well. This club is not a job. So, obviously, a lot of things in life can come before it, so you don’t need to stress out. So, two things can simultaneously be true for the leaders in Marketing society. We are a professional organization that continues to grow. But Also, we have a culture that’s very friendly and inclusive. So, yeah, just keep in mind that you have this community with you.



Jin Wu Nam is a Sophomore at Stern concentrating in Marketing & Management and pursuing minors in BEMT and Japanese. He studies subculture & film critique in his free time and has a lot of interesting takes! Look forward to more content from Jin Wu!

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Krystal Wu
Krystal Wu
Apr 16, 2023

AWWW this is so heartwarming!!!!

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