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Humans of Marketing Society: Pooja Anand

April 27, 2023

By: Jin Wu Nam

Get to know a little more about the humans of Marketing Society. Introducing Marketing Society's 2022-23 Co-President, Pooja Anand.

Something that I’m really proud of is the conference on gender equality that I have been planning for the last 7-8 months. It’s finally happening tomorrow (April 21st).

The way it started is like this. A few other people from Stern and I went to the ‘HeForShe’ summit in September. We thought, well, if PwC, all these colleges, and all these organizations could be HeForShe champions, why can’t we? From there, we decided we were gonna make this possible. We planned to put together a big event, work with Stern leadership, and tried to make us a UN Women HeForShe champion.

This is the first gender equality conference that Stern has ever hosted. We’ve been scrambling these past few days trying to get people signed up, just begging people (laugh). And we have about 90 people signed up to attend, which is more than we ever thought of.

It’s a really important cause to me, and I think it’s a really important cause for us as a Stern community because gender equality is something we have struggled with. I know clubs have discussed a lot about having enough representation among members and within e-boards. It’s also important when we graduate from here. Once you’re actually in the workforce, you’ll see a lot of these issues come to light. So, I think it’s important to have these discussions right now.

It’s been months and months of planning, hours of hours we put into this project, and despite being ghosted by some people (chuckle), it’s finally happening tomorrow. We’re gonna be announcing that we’re planning on becoming a HeForShe champion, and there is more exciting news coming in September, during the UN general summit.

I came into Stern wanting to do sustainable business, so I mean, this is really full circle for me. I’m leaving a mark on the community from an impact point of view.

Parting Words from Pooja:

I would say two:

1. Don’t be afraid to try new things & don’t stick with the status quo. That’s the one thing that has helped me figure out what I’m truly passionate about. What I learned from my time at Stern is accepting the fact that everyone has their own journey, and it’s okay if mine doesn’t look like other people’s.

2. I’m super big on mentorship. I’ve been helped through my career by so many mentors, I like to take my time out of my day also to coffee chat underclassmen… So, I’d say, if you ever have questions or concerns or if you feel lost, never be afraid, never hesitate to reach out to someone in the Stern community. Especially upperclassmen in the Marketing Society—we’re always really happy to help. We were all there in your spot, confused and looking for guidance.

After the interview, Pooja sent me these pictures of the gender equality conference.


Jin Wu Nam is a Sophomore at Stern concentrating in Marketing & Management and pursuing minors in BEMT and Japanese. He studies subculture & film critique in his free time and has a lot of interesting takes! Look forward to more content from Jin Wu!

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