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Introducing the Seniors from our 2021 MktCon Senior Panel!

October 17th, 2021

By: Marketing Society Conference Team: Veronica Diaz & Rachel Liu

Interested in learning about marketing, internships, and receive general advice on how to survive your time at NYU? Our Conference team has found 6 wonderful NYU Stern seniors of the Class of 2022: Amanda Pechok, Camille Rochaix, Jhasper Paul, Juanita Moreno, and Zoltan Hargitay, to give advice at our second annual MktCon Panel Series: Senior Suggestions on Tuesday, October 19th.

Read below about each of the senior's bios!

Amanda Pechock

Hi! I am Amanda Pechock, a senior studying Marketing and Management with a minor in BEMT. I am lucky enough to have had multiple internships in marketing and advertising throughout college at start-ups, agencies, and larger companies. This past summer I did marketing at American Express, where I worked to help create a more experiential, benefits-focused customer website focused on the Platinum Card. I am really interested in brand strategy as well as the travel, lifestyle, and beauty industries. In my free time, I love walking through the West Village and looking for dogs, cooking Chrissy Teigen recipes, and doing hot yoga.

Camille Rochaix

Hi, my name is Camille Rochaix and I am a senior studying Marketing, and minoring in Media Communications (MCC) and Business Entertainment (BEMT). I'm one of the Co-Presidents of Marketing Society with Jhasper. My internships range from Marketing, Data Analytics Consulting, PR, and Paid Media. I currently work at Artefact as a Consulting Intern focusing on Marketing and Data Analytics. My marketing interests include digital media and entertainment, and my goal is to find a full-time role in an advertising firm working in the paid media or strategy team. My hobbies include swimming, cuddling with my black lab named Pumpkin, arts & crafts, reading Mystery novels, and watching TV. My favorite show currently is Only Murders In The Building!

Jhasper Paul

Hi! I'm Jhasper, a senior in Stern double concentrating in Marketing and Management, while also pursuing a Minor in Psychology. I'm one of the Co-Presidents of Marketing Society, and I've been on the E-Board since Fall 2019. This past summer I was a Marketing intern for IBM, where I worked on projects for the company's consulting division. Some topics that interest me are high-level strategy, consumer behavior, market analysis, and product management. Outside of school, I love reading fiction, watching TV (Succession is my favorite show!), tweeting about said books and TV shows, embroidering, and learning about art history!

JuanitA Moreno

I'm a senior studying marketing, computing, and data science and minoring in French. I’m currently the marketing peer mentor for stern and the TA for luxury marketing -- I'm particularly interested in fashion, retail, and tech. I've worked on a variety of entrepreneurial projects and have been a digital marketing intern for a premium coffee brand and account intern for a creative agency. From marketing, I love understanding what drives people and how brands shift and strategize to adapt to that understanding. In my free time, I love going on walks, reading magazines, and eating chocolate ice cream.

Nicole Li

I’m a senior studying Marketing with a double minor in Psychology and English Literature. I was president of LARA last year, and I’m currently still involved as a senior advisor. My previous experience has mainly been in fashion marketing, advertising and branding, and for the past year, I’ve been working as a Strategist at the Hong Kong office of a Danish brand consultancy and venture studio. I’m interested in the balance between art and science in brand strategy, and I’m looking forward to continuing a full-time role in the brand consultancy role after graduation. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, rock climbing, cafe hopping, and spending time with my blind pug.

Zoltan Hargitay

Hey! I’m Zoltan, a senior studying Marketing & Data Science with a minor in Public Policy and Management. I’ve always been interested in marketing and recently combined that passion with data science. This summer I was able to combine my two interests in those subjects and intern at Adobe. During my summer, I worked on their experience cloud and was able to join their consulting team in client engagements. Some of my passions include politics, fashion, and podcasts!

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