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Music Marketing in Minutes: Dua Lipa

November 7, 2022

By: Kevin Choi

Fall '22 Content Committee member, Kevin Choi, launches "Music Marketing in Minutes," a special project where he breaks down what makes today's hottest musicians stand out in a saturated market. In the first episode of "Music Marketing in Minutes", he explores Dua Lipa's unique sound and her successful musical trajectory. Stay tuned for future episodes of this video series!

With so much new music being released every day, how do we conclude what is worth listening to? And how do we evaluate all this music in a way that is distinct from what has already been said and done? In an ever-changing musical landscape, innovation is key to drawing listeners in. Dua Lipa is an exceptional example that showcases how being a basic pop star in a saturated market of generic music is not enough; she truly embodies the strength of specifying your sound and sticking to an aesthetic.


Kevin Choi is a Fall '22 Content Committee member and a Sophomore at NYU CAS majoring in Computer Science and Psychology. Stay on the lookout for more of Kevin's content!

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