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NYU Restaurant Recommendations

Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants for a NYU Student

September 14th, 2020

By: Julia Mao

Living in New York City means that you now have access to a plethora of unique restaurants and desserts. While most underclassmen likely have meal plans, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the food the city has to offer! Most places are open for you to either do outdoor dining safely or takeout; here are my most favorite places on campus I’d definitely recommend checking out.

1. Tortaria - I’ll admit, I typically don’t go for Mexican due to my lack of tolerance for spicy foods but Tortaria offers a wide variety of tacos, veggie bowls, and quesadillas that make this place fitting for anyone. It’s right on the corner of University Place and I would pass by it every day last year. I finally caved and went there a few times and it did not disappoint! Their chips and guacamole (very fresh) come in huge portions and are only about $5. The picture to the right shows the steak fajitas del norte. Although there are only two, it’s very filling. The environment is super lively and fun and you will definitely leave here feeling happy and full.

2. Misoya Ramen - Japanese food is my favorite type of food and I’d say I’ve tried a decent amount of ramen places in my life, including authentic ramen from Japan. This place is on the top of my ramen places and it was actually chosen in the New York Michelin Guide in 2017! It’s near Saint Marks, which is not far from Third North, and their chasu pork will melt in your mouth. My go-to order is the Kome Miso Cha-Su Ramen. They do tend to put a lot of bean sprouts in their ramen but the flavor of the broth and the noodle texture is incredible.

3. Brasserie Saint Marc - Italian food is always a mood and Brasserie’s beautiful wood walls and rustic environment just reminds you of the NYC ambiance. This restaurant is right on Saint Marks and I got the Linguine Bolognese, which was so, so delicious. It was only $18, which is pretty reasonable for pasta in the city, and they offer burgers and other classic pasta dishes such as white truffle pasta and shrimp scampi which also sounds amazing. If you like Italian food, get pasta from here!

4. The Smith - The Smith is right by Third North and Founders and it’s an American restaurant with lots of outdoor seating. I typically don’t go for American but their appetizers and entrees are delicious. I ordered chips as an appetizer (large enough to share with multiple people) and the blue cheese fondue they put on top is able to completely transform a basic food into a filling meal. My entree was the mac and cheese skillet which is on the heavy side but amazing! It is considered to be on the expensive side ($17 skillet and $10 chips) but their large portions and mouthwatering cheese dishes make up for it. I had enough mac and cheese leftovers for two meals.

5. Amorino - I’d pass by this gelato store on University Place every time I walked back from class and it’s incredibly difficult to resist the sweet aroma. For someone who is lactose intolerant, they have a ton of sorbet options, my favorites being chocolate, passionfruit and strawberry, alongside their normal gelato picks. They offer a NYU student discount if you bring your student ID and use the discount code “FBI” and if you get a cone, they will make your ice cream into a special flower. It’s my favorite ice cream store in the whole city and it’s pretty difficult to find gelato as good as this one. Amorino is a perfect and refreshing hot summer day treat!

There are hundreds of other tasty food places around campus but these are just some of my favorites. I hope you all take advantage of the city and all the food it has to offer and try new places. If you want to message me for more recommendations (or give me recommendations as well), comment below! Click each restaurant's name to find the link to their website and location.


Julia Mao is Marketing Society's Fall 2020 Study Abroad Director & Social Media. Julia is currently a Sophomore at NYU Stern, majoring in Marketing and minoring in BEMT.

All pictures are courtesy of Miss Mao. : )

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