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Open Book: Entrepreneurship, Balance, and Navigating Career Goals

October 22, 2022

By: Annette Yang

Director of Content, Annette Yang, brings you the first episode of her brand new video podcast series, "Open Book". This series’ purpose is to give NYU Undergrads a platform to story-tell their unique experiences, lessons learned, and perspectives.

In this episode, Karen Li highlights the challenges, learnings, and insights from her journey as an entrepreneur and student at NYU. Check out some of her company’s work at

Thanks so much for watching, and be on the lookout for future episodes of "Open Book"!


Annette Yang is the Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Content Director. She is a Junior at NYU Steinhardt majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication and minoring in Business and Data Science. Stay tuned for more content from Annette!

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