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Teasers as a Marketing Strategy: Super Bowl Edition

February 9th, 2022

By: Phoebe Su

The Super Bowl isn’t just a big night for football; for most companies, it is also a big chance to introduce new brands, new products, or for iconic brands to make their reappearances. In the past, companies released their full-length commercials a week before the actual night, but recently that has changed. In order to maximize their millions, marketers have learned to work smarter by releasing their advertisements in the form of teasers or even their full-length commercials on social media platforms way earlier. By doing this, they can get the public engaged and talk about it before the day, leading up to the day, and even after the day. Not only does this build interest and excitement, but it also takes the pressure off solely television advertising and allows companies to interact with consumers for longer periods of time. Research has also found that advertisers in recent years have diversified their investments by using social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram as a key engagement strategy. That being said, let’s take a look at some commercials that already have people tweeting!

1. Amazon’s Alexa: Mind Reader

At this point, what’s a Super Bowl without an Amazon Alexa advertisement? This year will be their seventh consecutive appearance at the Super Bowl. Featuring the “Avengers” actress Scarlett Johanson and the “Weekend Update” anchor Colin Jost, this commercial once again takes on a humorous tone where Alexa is a mind reader that knows all the personal details of this couple’s life. Throughout the commercial, she frequently interjects in their conversations and ruins their events. The classical, relaxing playing in the background until something chaotic happens and the music stops is a hallmark of these Alexa advertisements.

2. Planet Fitness: What’s Gotten Into Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan brings back some 2000s nostalgia in a 30-second teaser from Planet Fitness. This commercial references Lindsay’s controversial past with the DUI among other allegations in a hilarious way, showing that she is a new person after getting her life on track with Planet Fitness. The narration in the commercial serves very “Mean Girl” vibes. Over Twitter, most people are claiming that Lindsay is making a comeback, and this is her year.

3. Frito-Lay

Frito-Lay has really been on top of the teaser game by releasing the entire commercial in parts. On January 19, they released a 35-second clip revealing that popstar Megan Thee Stallion would star in their commercial. Then on January 24, Frito-Lay released two teasers showing that singer Charlie Puth would join as well.

4. Crypto Bowl?

Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if cryptocurrencies dominate the ads this year. Top cryptocurrency exchanges are competing with each other for a spot. Brands like FTX, Coinbase Global, and are hoping to become nationally known. How are they going to do this? By subtly educating the public on what cryptocurrency is while hiring celebrities to promote investment into them. There are mixed messages for this, as some want to just stick with the traditional beer ads. Other companies like Binance warn us to “do your own research” and “trust yourself.”


Phoebe Su is one of the Co-Content Directors this semester. She is a sophomore student-athlete at NYU CAS studying Economics and on the NYU Varsity Tennis Team.

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