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Humans of Marketing Society -- Grace

April 12th, 2021

By: Rachel Liu


"Everything seemed like it was gonna be amazing. The sky was blue because it was a national holiday and the city was pretty vacant, so everything was lined up for the experience to be amazing, right? I was a proud Asian American going to get cultured in the Forbidden City. Then I got sick. I was so sad. I was at breakfast and everything looks so good but I couldn't hold anything down except some congee. So we went to the Forbidden City, this very large, very ancestrally important place where the royalty lived. I'm just trying to listen to the tour, have a good time, absorb the views. But then this very nasty feeling arises deep inside of me. And that congee I choked down this morning, she made a reappearance… right on the floor of the Forbidden Palace

And in that moment the first thing that came to my mind was…I hope I didn't just screw over my ancestors in the afterlife with this one. "


Meet The Speaker!

Name: Grace Zheng Reach Out!

Major: Business and Finance Email:

Year: Sophomore Insta: @g.zhengg

School: Stern

Boring Fact!: I'm super into folding clothes. I watched too much Marie Kondo and just started getting really into it one day.


Rachel Liu is one of Marketing Society's Spring 2021 Co-Content Directors at NYU Marketing Society. She is a sophomore at NYU Stern concentrating in Marketing and Management. She is running the Humans of Marketing Society column! Check it out here!

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