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Micro-Art Competition Results: De-Stress During Midterms!

November 9th, 2020

By: Camille Rochaix

Stressed about Midterms? Do you want to find ways to relax, but you are having a hard time because of how wacky life is right now? Don’t stress! The Marketing Society has got your back!

We asked our members to share micro-art pieces that demonstrate how they de-stress during their midterms. Thank you to all of the participants for sharing your lovely work! Hope your midterms are going well, and if you need inspiration on how to prioritize self-care and relax, take a look at our participant's suggestions!

Priyal Maheshwari - Photo

My midterm distress is really just reading stressful/fluffy romantic books. It's fun to read a book without trying to analyze it (although my brain does it involuntarily).

The book I am reading is a classical novel by Rabindranath Tagore called Chokher Bali. It is so dramatic and intense (in an Indian dramatic way) I cannot put it down (prob should though, I have loads to study haha!!)

Lilly Du - Water Color

Nicole Alger - Journaling

Fred Sidorkin - MKTSOC Sleep Haiku

M - Make some time to sleep.

K - Keep Sleeping.

T - Try to find more time to Sleep.

S - Sleep.

O - Or just sleep.

C - Can you sleep?

Pooja Anand - Landscape Picture

"When I am stressed, I like to dream of my favorite places. The picture above is of Mount Rainier, in Seattle, WA."

Ana Martinez - Peaceful Music Video

*MktSoc does not own this song.

Andrew Ni - Poem


It was finals week in '98

with delirious thoughts I fared,

When all of a sudden, out of the blue,

My toes shot through the air!

They flew across the living room

And crashed into a chair

They went straight through the cushioning

And gave me quite a scare!

My toes looked me in the eye,

A comforting song they sung,

“Don’t be stressed,”

the toes decreed,

“for the holidays have just begun.”

Thus we shall carol about the Missiletoe

For years and years to come.

Camille Rochaix - Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling not only organizes my days and weeks but lets me unleash my creativity in a peaceful setting. I also enjoy writing my thoughts down as it gives me time to decompress and process my thoughts.

Claire Tao - MKTSOC Haiku Poem

M - Making friends with everyone

K - Kahoot games are so much fun

T - Taking time to learn something new

S - So we can figure out what we want to do

O - Our meetings have so much variety

C - Come and join Marketing Society!


Camille Rochaix is Marketing Society's 2020-2021 Co-Vice President and Founder / Editor of the Marketing Society Blog. Camille is currently a Junior at NYU Stern concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Media, Culture and Communications and Business of Entertainment, Media & Technology.

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