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Meet the MktSoc Blog Team!

February 8th, 2021

By: Camille Rochaix

Welcome back to the Marketing Society Blog! This semester we have a bunch of wonderful blog posts both written, visual, and video for you to see! The Blog is welcoming 5 new wonderful MktSoc E-Board Members to the blog team, so I wanted to take the time to introduce to you the team!

MktSoc Blog Team:

Priyal Maheshwari

Co-Content Director of MktSoc Blog

Sophomore @ Stern studying Marketing and Computer and Data Science, and minoring in Astrology.

Will be writing a Marketing Themed Book & Documentary Column!

Grace Zhu

Co-Content Director of MktSoc

Freshman @ CAS studying Economics and minoring in BEMT

Will be running the Marketing Society Case Study Column!

Rachel Liu

Co-Content Director at Marketing Society

Sophomore @ Stern studying Marketing and Management

Will be running the Humans of Marketing Society social media posts and Blog Column!

Ruby Qian

Co-Content Director

Sophomore @ Stern studying Marketing, Management and minoring in Digital Arts and Design.

Will be running the video tutorial series on Logo Creation!

Camille Rochaix

Editor & Founder of MktSoc Blog

Co-VP of MktSoc

Junior @ Stern studying Marketing, minoring in MCC and BEMT.

Edits and curates the MktSoc Blog! Also writes a few blog posts.

Lilly Du

Assistant Director of Branding

Freshman @ Tisch studying Collaborative Arts

Helps create and edit our amazing Videos with Andrew Ni, and the rest of the MktSoc Blog Team!

Andrew Ni

Video Editor & Director

Branding Director

Sophomore @ Stern studying Finance

Creates our amazing Video Opinion Videos!

Guest Writers:

Julia Mao

Co-Social Media and Industry News Director

Sophomore @ Stern studying Marketing and minoring in BEMT.

Check out her blog about Restaurants near NYU and Marketing Trends to Watch 2021!

Claire Tao

Co-President of MktSoc

Senior @ Stern studying Marketing and Sustainable Business and minoring in Psychology.

Check out her blog post about her internship experience at IBM here! Claire also helps edit the blog in her free time :)!

Pooja Anand

Co-Conference Director

Sophomore @ Stern studying Marketing and Sustainable Business

Check out her blog post on MktSoc's Favorite Holiday Ads here!

Veronica Diaz

Co-Director of Mentorship and Membership

Sophomore @ Stern studying Marketing and Management.

Check out her blog post on her internship at BeggsxCo. here!

Fred Sidorkin

Co-President of MktSoc

Senior @ Stern studying Finance & Statistics, and Psychology.

Check out his blog post on the Streaming Wars here!

Interested in speaking with one of our MktSoc Team Members? Fill out our coffee chat form here.


Camille Rochaix is Marketing Society's 2020-2021 Co-Vice President and Founder & Editor of the Marketing Society Blog. Camille is currently a Junior at NYU Stern concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Media, Culture and Communications and Business of Entertainment, Media & Technology.

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