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  • Camille Rochaix & Andrew Ni

Episode 4: Marketing Hybrid Cloud with IBM

March 29th, 2021

By: Camille Rochaix & Andrew Ni

How do you advertise something as complex as a hybrid cloud service? How do you feature celebrities effectively in commercials? And how has the pandemic shaken things up? To answer these questions and more, we spoke directly with Lea Chen and Rachael Morin, professional IBM marketers for their firm's "hybrid cloud" campaign.

Episode 4 of the MktSoc Video Perspectives series is a collaboration between MktSoc and IBM. We'd like to thank Lea and Rachael for generously making this project happen!

What do you think of IBM's strategy? Comment below!


Camille Rochaix Producer

Andrew Ni Director

Lea Chen & Rachael Morin IBM Team

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